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Tekken 7 Model Swapping Tutorial
In this tutorial, we are going to swap one item from one character to another. The example I will do is give Lili's ruffled bikini skirt to Nina.
first thing you need to do is extract all of the games pak files which is located in TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks.
you will need a tool which can be found here, provided by moddah and aluigi
1) Put the .pak files in the quickbms folder
2) Click on extract-all_4gb_files.bat
3) When prompted, press RETURN to extract without encryption
(it will ask you before each pak, so 3 times for Tekken7)
4) Find your extracted files in the "out" directory
Once the extraction of files is complete, we will need to browse its content for the files we want to swap around.
There are 3 files we need to swap. the CI file which is the main mesh file, the CCI file which controls the colour customization of the mesh, and the CUS_ITEM which is the icon for the file in customization.
First we mus
:iconbbbsfxt:bbbSFXT 8 25
Lone Archer by AssassinNinja100 Lone Archer :iconassassinninja100:AssassinNinja100 24 1 DOA5U Momiji Casual Battle (NEW) by bstylez DOA5U Momiji Casual Battle (NEW) :iconbstylez:bstylez 90 18 Tekken7 XIAOYU C9 by rolance Tekken7 XIAOYU C9 :iconrolance:rolance 66 7



Early Mishima days
Posed in GMOD. 

Side Note:

I plan to release the models possibly in October 2017 or November 2017. However I have a few models lined up and am getting them ready to release as a pack. 

I ask all of you to be patient and check the workshop between the aforementioned times for the release.

Thank you.
I just got a job on the 2nd of May 2017. Anyway this journal is important to anyone who is watching me and are expecting some art from me. Some of you guys may be visiting from the GMOD workshop where my Steam name is Fruitcake. I post up Tekken and DOA models at the time being. Here's a link in case some of you guys are unaware of it:…

As said before this journal is important because of the result of me getting a job. My job requires me to be in the office or production floor from 8 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday and quite possibly Saturday to work OT. It takes me 30 minutes to get to the office though and 1 hour back home due to traffic. I wake up at 5.00 am to get ready properly, then back home I'm typing this at 7.40 pm (just had dinner). My job? CONTROL ENGINEER. I think its a strange job to declare here on deviantart. I mean what the fuck is an engineer doing here submitting art? But here it is anyway.

For the (currently) 40 followers for my GMOD workshop, I have some good news and, you guessed it, bad news. What others didn't guess though is I have worse news coming. Good news is I have 4 models ready to be uploaded. Bad news? I need to pose them properly and get some good screenshots to "entice" people to download the models (despite them having the potential to be much better, such as additional fingerposing) which means a few weeks before they can be uploaded (yea you probably hate me for this, but I really do want some good screenshots). It also means you will get all of them at once though. 

The worst news? As you seen from my job requirements, the model upload will become very slow. SLOW. That word does not do justice to what I am in. But it is the truth. The only free time I think I will have would be on Friday nights (assuming I don't work OT), SaTURDay, (again assuming no OT) and Sunday. Sadly Sunday is the day I go to church and when I get back I am tired. I sleep which leaves me with 2 hours of actual work to work on models. In other words, my free time is essentially non-existant. 


I've been crying and sobbing the past few days cause of this (oh my goodness what a crybaby). I sometimes wonder if any of you people are even reading this, let alone read this far. However I still enjoy making models. And I will do so. However I cannot guarantee you when those models will be released. Be patient.

I thank you people from the bottom of my heart for watching my stuff, liking my stuff. Wish I could check each person who faved my art (how do I do so anyway?) and commit their username to memory. I notice my art does not get much attention from people. So to have people just fave my art means a lot to me. I never thought I, from an engineering background and hated drawing, could make people like my uploads (or screenshots). No words can describe it. 

Right now my mind is thinking if any of you have read this far. If you have, thank you. And thank you once again for watching me. 



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Just someone exploring art. No really...


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